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The starting area, Boughton Park, will have no parking for Unlimited Breadsticks Half Marathon. This works out because the end will be 13.1 miles away anyway!

Shuttle Info:

Since there is no parking at the race start, runners have two options: get dropped off or take the shuttle included with your registration.

Parking for the shuttle will be at the Lord & Taylor parking lot at Eastview Mall. The shuttle will leave at 7:00 am sharp and will not return, so you must be on time! The mall has reserved this lot for us to park in before the race, but afterwards you can move your cars where you wish!

If you want to get dropped off at the start be aware that cars cannot stay, they will be ticketed and/or towed. Parking at Boughton Park requires a permit only issued to residents of Victor, East Bloomfield, and West Bloomfield.

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